Your company needs to fill 3 positions now. In the hospitality business, the staff is the backbone of the operation. When the staff isn’t up to par or there aren’t enough people to complete all the tasks, it is the customer who suffers. And your company can take a serious hit. Turning to temporary staffing for restaurants and hotels is a smart solution that works.

It’s not only restaurants and hotels realizing the benefits convention centres, small businesses, and other entrepreneurs are seeking the best staff as well. It’s a competitive environment with multiple agencies filling the needs of one client.

Many times, a company will contract with one or more temporary staffing firms to fill a shortage for large events. Employee absences like maternity leave, illness, disability leave, or vacation can also leave a temporary gap that needs to be filled. Sometimes, unfortunately, an employee will simply walk out, and a temporary employee is brought in to make up the loss.

So, what are some of the benefits that so many companies have discovered by using “temp-help” staffing solutions?


Hiring “temp” employees is a great way to evaluate their skills and work ethic before incurring the expense of signing them on a full-time basis. “Trying out” these potential candidates is a very cost-effective way to fill the gap that a vacancy within your roster creates. If the candidate’s work proves to be unsatisfactory in some way, your company can simply request another one from the staffing firm. This way you are not stuck with a bad hiring decision and your staffing vacancy barely registers because the candidate has stepped in to pick up the slack.

Some temporary-help staffing firms also allow a company to acquire a candidate’s contract. Many businesses choose to do this if they find an exemplary employee that they don’t want to let go. They may evaluate the candidate for several months, then transition them to a regular employee.


People who work in temporary employment positions are usually very skilled at what they do. This means that when you request a temporary candidate you are getting someone who already has the experience and training to do the core of the job. And, from the first day onwards, you need only to incorporate training for tasks that are specific to your company. This scenario still shortens the learning curve which means they can hit the ground running.
Temporary candidates are able to walk into the situation and, with minimal instruction, do the job they were hired to do.


That’s your bottom line!
Temporary staffing can definitely save your company money when it comes to keeping your establishment running at optimal capacity even during staff turnover or absences. You can also save time and money in other, more obscure areas:
• Temporary employees usually come to a job with a fresh perspective.
• They don’t carry with them the baggage that a permanent staff may have after a difficult turnover period or a stint under poor management.
• They step into their positions with a blank slate mentality and sometimes may even outperform permanent staff simply because “office politics”, low morale, etc. has not weighed them down yet.
• They step into their role, enjoying the newness of the situation.
This is not to say that permanent staff do not perform well, but in times of difficulty or high stress, there may be a difference in the temporary workers’ and permanent staff’s performances. What this translates to is customers who return to your restaurant or hotel, or your niche business or service. It is then very likely that those customers will tell their friends about the wonderful service they received and/or even write a review with a 5-star rating on Google, which ultimately helps your business grow.

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